Operation Deadstick: Pegasus Bridge

Original Source: Traction Wars

Traction Wars is a PlayforFree WWII Tactical Teamplay Multiplayer Game.

The game brings a vivid and realistic representation of the Second World War to your screens using the stunning CRYENGINE. The game dynamics & balancing are designed to inspire a teamwork orientated tactical style of gameplay which rewards players who work together closely as a single fighting unit.

At 2256hrs on the 5th of June 1944 six Horsa Gliders, towed by Halifax bombers, took off from RAF Tarrant Rushton in Dorset, starting the events of the allied invasion on D-Day. In the Gliders were 181 men from the 6th Airbourne division “D Company”, led by Major John Howard.

Their aim was to capture two bridges. Success would prevent a German counter attack on the eastern flank of the D-Day landings at Sword Beach. Failure would leave the men isolated in enemy territory and make the already risky D-Day landings vulnerable to German Panzers.

At 0016, five of the gliders landed within 50 feet of Bénoville Bridge. When Howard’s glider hit the ground, it jolted the men. Everything went black for Howard and he thought he had gone blind, until one of his men pointed out that his helmet was covering his eyes.

Travelling by glider enabled the British to surprise the German troops defending the bridge. Within 10 minutes of landing, following a fierce gunfight, the British were able to secure not only Bénouville Bridge but also the nearby Orne Bridge. Thus, 90 minutes after taking off, Major Howard was able to send the code words “Ham and Jam” to indicate the successful capture of both bridges. The victory was perhaps the “single most important ten minutes of the war”.

The swift victory gave the men two hours to prepare for the German counter attacks and to defuse the explosives that laced the bridge, placed there by the Germans in case of attack or an allied advance.

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Julien Ranzijn Interaction Designer
Julien Ranzijn Interaction Designer