Rendez-Vous: Meet through Motions

Rendez-Vous: Meet Through Motions

Download Rendez-Vous Design Document.

(Currently only available in Dutch)

Rendez-vous is a concept application for the Dropstuff “Kinect Art Challenge 2013”. Rendez-vous was one of the winning concepts that got exhibited at 55th Biennale in Venice & ‘Games and Biz’ symposium in Antwerp.

New technologies allow people to be closer together then ever before. The relative distance is getting smaller and smaller. The Kinect Art Challenge proves this once again by setting up two huge screens. One in Venice and one in Amsterdam. Which people from both cities can get a spontaneous and interactive experiences to meet each other.

We want to show the encounters between people in the purest form. These encounters lead to unexpected and spectacular outcomes. Users shall see themselves as sand men. When they encounter there sand will burst and leave an imprint on the screen. Creating at the end one big piece of art through there motions.


Julien Ranzijn – Coordination, Interaction Design, Concept & Programming
Fabian Heeres – Programming
Joost van ‘t Hoff – Music & Sound
Denise Gahler – Choreography
Jason Schot – Website & Interaction Design
Ruben Bernhardt – Mobile Website
Suzanne Bon – Concept
With special thanks to Dropstuff.

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Julien Ranzijn Interaction Designer
Julien Ranzijn Interaction Designer