Playing with your buttons

The search for the meaning of Interaction Design; What is IxD?

I and Rob van Duinen are on a quest to find the true meaning of Interaction Design. We think you can’t simplefy IxD to one sentence or can we?

I think part of interaction design is designing interesting and usable interfaces. Making them accessible, easy to understand and good looking. If these things are carefully put together the result can be quite satisfying. But, there is something extra that can enhance the users experience they get from using an interface.

A while ago – when my iPhone was still alive – I found myself opening and closing the notification center over and over again. Swiping with one finger, two or all fingers to see what would happen. I did the same thing with the chat bubble from Facebook, throwing the pictures of friends all over the screen. These things didn’t make the interface more efficient or useful but added something extra. I was experimenting, I was…


We like to fiddle with our hands. Toying around with pencils, small pieces of paper, folding, breaking, especially when we’re bored. So why not give users a way to toy around? It doesn’t need to have any game mechanic. Looking at how real world physics can be applied to buttons in your interface can do the trick or even very small animations.

The tiniest of details can make a good design. So…

Can I play with your buttons?

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Julien Ranzijn Interaction Designer
Julien Ranzijn Interaction Designer