News Update #56: Road To Overlord Part 3/3

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Traction Wars is a PlayforFree WWII Tactical Teamplay Multiplayer Game.

The game brings a vivid and realistic representation of the Second World War to your screens using the stunning CRYENGINE. The game dynamics & balancing are designed to inspire a teamwork orientated tactical style of gameplay which rewards players who work together closely as a single fighting unit.

Following our discussion on some of the design behind the game in Part 2, in this update we continue our in-depth look at the mechanics which will give Traction Wars its unique and authentic gameplay experience.


Each team is divided into squads of eight players known as a “Section”. Each section is lead by a Section Leader who directs the group in the field to provide coordination and a focus to the other section members.


The Section Leader has at their disposal several unique tools to direct and support the squad in combat. These tools include the ability to mark objectives on the map, call in off-map mortar support, and placing of rally points to act as forward spawn location for the section as they advance.

The screenshot below shows the near final interface design which will be replacing the current placeholder interface used in Internal Alpha testing. The map you can see is the internal “mini” version of Pegasus Bridge which we use for testing. The full 32-player version will be released in OVERLORD.

In-Game Menu Concept For Section, Role and Spawnselection

Player Classes

The same interface is used for the selection of the players role in the section. Once players have selected the Section of their choice they can select from the available roles in the middle column.

In addition to the “regular” roles such as rifleman, more advanced and specialist roles are available on a limited basis.

Each of the four maps in OVERLORD will have slightly different role configurations depending on the historical events of the battle.

The most specialist roles (e.g. marksman) are only available to near-full squads and on a very limited basis. Each section will almost always have more than 8 roles available to choose from (e.g. up to 5 riflemen, 3 assault, 1 support, 1 engineer & 1 marksman = 11 roles). The result of this flexibility is that players will often be able to change their role in the game without having to leave their section-mates for a different section.


That’s all for our first look at some of the game design of Traction Wars. We are always on the lookout for fresh talent to join the team. If you think you have a skill which might be useful to us please head over to our recruitment page for details of our open positions, just like the one highlighted below.

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Julien Ranzijn Interaction Designer
Julien Ranzijn Interaction Designer