Contact: julienranzijn [at] gmail [dot] com Julien RanzijnJulien Ranzijn
Interaction designer, Interface designer, Programmer and some kind of guitar player.


Started as an exercise but appeared later to become very beautiful.

mountain flats

Mountain flats

Concept art exercise of a mountain scenery.

Fruity Color

FruityColor was one of my concept for my showcase. I like to play with images and like to put them together creating something unexpected. Like this design.

Live your life

Live your life

T-shirt design.



T-shirt design.


I have created this fish- dragon from two motercycle parts. All done in photoshop.

You got the blues?

You got the blues?

Vector illustration.

Orange Cocktail

Playing with Photoshop and some stockimages.

Del Vento

Del Vento is a school project. Advertisement design for a can of wine.

The iLand

A flying island. Another practice in fotomanipulations.


Illustration for my showcase. With this design I was allowed to the next year on my design school.

Live Life

Funny design. Not made with a purpose. But came out nice.